Outdoor Journal Radio Show – April 09 2016


The Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association says that Bill C 246 which will protect animals from cruelty and neglect, could have a big impact on sport fishing in Canada. Phil Morlock will join Angelo to express his concerns and tell us what the CSIA is proposing. We’re going fishing on one of the top producing walleye lakes in Ontario with Jackie Duhamel from Andersons Lodge on Lac Seul.
Keith Beasley from the popular hunting adventure program, Canada in the Rough will join Angelo to talk about the schedule for filming the 2017 series.
Angelo will also press Keith for his views on Bill C 246.

The spring bear hunt has been expanded in Ontario. At the same time, there are amendments to the regulations for wolf hunting in the north and we will be talking about that later in the program.
This weekend is the home opener series for the Toronto Blue Jays. What’s it like for the players, especially the rookies? Former Blue Jay reliever Tom the Terminator Henke will join Angelo to talk about butterflies and nerves.

We have our own moonshiners in Ontario…right in Toronto…and we are going to “out” them today! We feel bad about it because the product is made with corn, wheat and barley grown near Schomberg…all good stuff…healthy grains…

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