Outdoor Journal Radio Show – August 20 2016


Zebra fish minnows are being used in research for a cure for melanoma, the most
deadly form of skin cancer. Dr. Leonard Zon from Boston Children’s Hospital will
join Angelo to explain how this particular fish is invaluable in genetic research that
could unlock the cause and a cure for this type of cancer.

Donna Agich from Agich Kaby Kabins on Lake Kabinagami joins Angelo to talk
about the outstanding fishing for big northern pike and walleye. How good is it?
So good that Angelo would love to return for another FishnCanada TV program.
Jack Summers from Radioworld in Toronto, used the tech gadgets to find the fish
on the French River during the recent boot camp at Chaudiere Lodge. How did he
do it, and what can we learn from the experience.

Dave Mercer is the host of the TV program “Facts of Fishing” and he’s the
Canadian emcee for the U.S. Bassmasters. The final tournaments for the season
are set, and Angelo wants to know how the Canadian pros are faring in the series.

Dawn Whiteside from Coleman Canada says that on line sales are booming.
Angelo is interested in the latest products and outdoor gear.

Coleman Canada are the sponsors for a charity run and hike on September 17th
in Mississauga, to support Camp Ooch…the children’s camp for kids with cancer.

Can Dawn convince Angelo to put on the running shoes?


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Dawn Whiteside – Brand Manager, Coleman Canada

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