Outdoor Journal Radio Show – December 17 2016


As we head to the Christmas holiday break, things look good for the ski resorts in Ontario. Kevin Forget will join Angelo with a snow report and update on resort operations. Kevin also has a list of great winter adventures for the family over the holidays.

The number of dementia cases in Canada is on the rise. In 15 years it’s expected that Canada will have 1.5 million cases! Senator Art Eggleton is the Vice Chair of the Senate committee that produced a report “A National Strategy for Dementia-Friendly Communities. Senator Eggleton joins Angelo to discuss prevention of the disease through an active lifestyle in the outdoors and a healthy diet.

Andrea DiRocco is Angelo’s personal trainer and she’s the owner of 121 Fitness in Belleville. Andrea will follow up on Angelo’s wellness plan. In her interview she will discuss the programs she offers for aging clients and the challenges they face, with a change in lifestyle to reduce the risk of dementia.

Dr. Marie Holowaychuk is our pet vet. Marie joins Angelo to talk about pets as a Christmas gift and the risks for dogs with all the Christmas decorations. Also, can a dog suffer a loss of memory due to aging? Dr. Marie will provide the answer. Angelo’s going fishing with Scott Brandt at Red Cedar Lake Camp near Marten River. If you’re looking for a wilderness fishing vacation that’s not far from Toronto, this could be a great choice. Angelo wants to know more about the big northern pike and walleye that seem to be common, in this lake.


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Gord Pyzer – Outdoor Canada Magazine

Kevin Forget – Ontario Tourism

Senator Art Eggleto- Deputy Chair – Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, – Science and Technology

Andrea DiRocco – 121 Health and Fitness Centre

Dr. Marie Holowaychuk – Critical Care Vet