Outdoor Journal Radio Show – July 30 2016


It’s the Civic Holiday weekend…a long weekend for all those who love the outdoors.

Cynthia Shipley will join Angelo from the Toronto Zoo to talk about captive breeding for release to the wild, and the frozen zoo! This is all part of the commitment to endangered species, research, and support for wildlife around the world.

J.T. Holmes is an extreme ski, parasail, wing suit pilot and stunt man. What’s it like to jump off the top of the Eiger Mountain at 13,000 feet? J. T. spend  6 months preparing to race mach one from the summit, to jump off the sheer rock cliff, and eject his skis! Is this tempting fate? Angelo will find out.

The north channel of Lake Huron has spectacular views of the La Cloche Mountains in Killarney Provincial Park. Forbes Holiday Resort has cabins at the water’s edge on the channel. Fishermen that pursue bass, walleye, and salmon and the fishing is just one part of the resort operation. Dwayne Comeau will fill in the details as Angelo’s guest on the Go Fish in Ontario segment.

Wil Wegman is a bass fisherman, speaker, writer, and tournament angler. But this week he wants to talk with Angelo about swimming across Lake Couchiching to support abused children.


Play it Safe with Retired Staff Sargeant of the O.P.P. Bradley Schlorff and Stearns

Go Wild with Black Angus Fine Meats and Game

Go Fish In Ontario.com with Forbes Holiday Resort

Aaron Newnham tells us what’s HOT at SAIL the Outdoors Superstore

Scott Gardner Editor in Chief of Outdoor Canada Magazine

Wil Wegman –  Conservation Director Aurora Bass

J. T. Holmes – High Risk Adventure Sports/Stunt Man Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Cynthia Shipley  – Public Relations and Events Manager The Toronto Zoo