Outdoor Journal Radio Show – June 18 2016


It’s Father’s Day weekend…Dad’s get a free pass for their special day! Adam Van Passen will join Angelo to talk about fun stuff at Long Point Adventures on Lake Erie. Will Angelo go ziplining or will he take the countess for the wine and romance under the stars followed by some glamping!

How do you get rid of those pesky biting insects…the mosquitoes, black flies and deer flies? Thermacell gets rave reviews. Adam Goess will join Angelo to talk about the range of products that will give you relief as you picnic, fish, hunt and relax in the outdoors!

Health Canada predicts 10,000 new cases of lyme disease each year. The Federal government is working on a national strategy for the disease, which confounds patients and health professionals. Jim Wilson from the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation is an advocate for patients. Angelo will find out if the government is headed in the right direction for those who have the most at stake! Angelo will be talking to Herman Ellis at the Gone Fishing Project at Scadding Court Community Centre in downtown Toronto.

Saturday is the final day for this annual event, which is held in the swimming pool at the community centre at Bathurst and Dundas Streets. We’re going fishing at Golden Beach Resort on Rice Lake. Michelle Henry will talk about fishing for walleye, bass and pan fish…and how to pamper the family in the condos by the swimming pool.


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Gord Pyzer –  Outdoor Canada Magazine

Adam Van Passen – Long Point Eco Adventures 

Adam Goess – Director of Hunting  Thermacell

Herman Ellis – The “Gone Fishing Project” – Scadding Court Community Centre

Jim Wilson  – Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation