Outdoor Journal Radio Show – March 26 2016


Wil Wegman is back from his economy cheapie trip to Florida!

Last month he pledged to camp, eat hot dogs and pork and beans…cook for the family on the Coleman stove…All because of the exchange rate!

So…Wil is going to join us. I haven’t talked to him but we bet they ate in restaurants, and went to Disney! Was Wil the Chevy Chase of the movie Family vacation?

A couple of months ago…we talked with the folks at the Invasive Species Centre about Asian Carp. They told us there was an upcoming competition with the top colleges and universities in Ontario…with cash up for grabs…and the winner has to figure out how to keep these fish out of the Great Lakes. Today…we’ll talk to the winners and find out about their proposal….and I’m assured they will not nuke them!

We’re going fishing with Darren Gareh from Lakeland Airways in Temagami. Darren will fly you into a remote lake and you can pick from a canoe camping trip or an outpost camp.

The animal rights groups are at it again! They’re pushing the new federal government to pass animal protection legislation called Modernizing the Animal Protection Act (Bill C 246). What’s the impact of this new law, if it gets passed? Robert Sopuck is the Conservative critic for wildlife issues and he resides in Manitoba. He says this is not good legislation!

Is this spring your first wild turkey hunt? Maybe you need guide Frank Dunlop from County Outfitters to take you on a hunt, and show you the ropes.

Play it Safe with Inspector of the O.P.P. Brad Schlorff and Stearns

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Go Fish In Ontario.com with  Lakeland Airways

Aaron Newnham tells us what’s HOT at SAIL the Outdoors Superstore

Gord Pyzer on Outdoor Canada Magazine

Wil Wegman Aurora Bassmasters

Tisha Tan & Daniel De Ocampo – University of Toronto

Frank Dunlop – County Outfitters Prince Edward County

Robert Sopuck – MP Conservative Member House of Commons