Outdoor Journal Radio Show – October 15 2016


The walleye fishery in Northern Ontario is taking a hit. Competition from smallmouth is having a big impact. Thomas Van Zuiden, a aquatic systems analyst from York University, will share the results of his survey with Angelo, and will offer some insight into the future of walleye in Northern Ontario.

Now that your boat is out of the water for the season, what’s the right way to put it away for hibernation. Angelo will ask Steve Tait, the Operations Manager for Gordon Bay Marine, in Muskoka, how to do it right. John Gulland from woodheat.org is an expert on wood burning appliances and the use of wood for heat. Montreal has banned home wood burning. Was this a reasonable decision? Angelo will find out about the emissions from wood burning and the comparison to other types of home heating.

On the Go Fish in Ontario segment, we’re going to the great northwest where the fish are dumb and there’s lots of them. Cheryl Gauthier from Harris Hill Resort on
Lake of the Woods will join Angelo and make the case that the distance to the resort is far, but it’s worth it for the trip of a lifetime. Keith Beasley is one of the Beasley Boys from Canada’s most popular hunting adventure program, Canada in the Rough. Where have the Beasley brothers been hunting and shooting film? Does he have a story to share with Angelo? The controversial animal rights Bill C 246 died in Ottawa. Phil Morlock from the Canadian Sportsfishing Industry Association, says this was poorly conceived legislation. Phil joins Angelo to talk about the death of the Bill…or…is it really dead this time?


Play it Safe with Bradley Schlorff – Retired Staff Sergeant – OPP and Stearns 

Lets Get Outside with Coleman 

Go Wild with Black Angus Fine Meats and Game

Go Fish In Ontario.com with Harris Hill Resort

Gord Pyzer – Outdoor Canada Magazine

Thomas Van Zuiden – Aquatic Systems Analyst – York University

Keith Beasley – Canada In The Rough

Phil Morlock – Chair of the Government Affairs Committee – CSIA (Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association) & Director of Environmental Affairs – Shimano

Steve Tait -Operations Manager – Gordon Bay Marine Lake Joseph, Muskoka, Mactier

John Gulland – Manager – Woodheat.org