ALERT! Angelo Perch has been spotted!
ALERT! Angelo Perch has been spotted!

The Outdoor Journal – September 21 2013


Ang and Pete are ripping it up at the Berkley B1, so we’ve got ODJ producer John Winters and our very own meat monger Sean Kelly hosting the show!
Worried about your pet in the outdoors? Send in your questions and we’ll ‘Ask The Vet’ Dr. Marie Holowaychuk.
TAP International’s Corrine Dayman will join the show to talk about the upcoming Barrie Fall Fishing Festival.
Woodland Echoes Resort’s Ken Turner is here along with Banff National Park’s Bill Hunt.
And we have breaking news about Mike Cochrane! Keep listening and don’t go away!

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Protect yourself against Lyme Disease infected deer ticks by using Muskol containing DEET!
The Barrie Fall Fishing Festival is getting close, can you catch the elusive Angelo perch?

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