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  • Outdoor Journal Radio – August 04 2018

  • Bill Barootes from the Great Ontario Salmon Derby joins Angelo with his thoughts at the halfway point of the Derby. In the past, this has been the time when the big fish hit the scales. Will the pattern be repeated this year? Vincent Spagnuolo thinks that this is a critical time for loons in North America. Many of the lakes south of the border have shrinking populations of loons or no loons at [...]
  • Outdoor Journal Radio – July 28 2018

  • Wil is planning for his annual swim across Lake Couchiching to support abused kids. How long does the swim take, and are Wil’s times improving year over year? Whole Oceans is building a $75 million land based fish farm in Bucksport Maine. The plan is to capture 10% of the U.S. market for Atlantic Salmon. All fish tanks will be located on a former timber mill site. The move to fully contained lan[...]
  • Outdoor Journal Radio – July 21 2018

  • Dr. Steven Cooke from the Cooke Lab at Carleton University joins Angelo with an update on his fish tagging project on the Rideau Lakes. How long does it take to capture and tag 1000 fish, and where do fishermen fit into the study? The Chaga Mushroom King, Jerry Ouellette is back with treats from the forest for Angelo to sample. What delicious treasure is on this week’s menu? New Canadian “Tween[...]
  • Outdoor Journal Radio – July 14 2018

  • Scott Gardner from Outdoor Canada magazine joins Angelo with stories about his camping and kayaking fishing trips. Can you fly fish from a kayak? Which species of fish are tough to catch from a kayak? Scott will share his experience as an expert in the field. Wilderness Adventures from Toronto, takes guided overnight trips by canoe and kayak, to the 30,000 islands of Georgian Bay and to Algonqu[...]
  • Outdoor Journal Radio – July 07 2018

  • Jeff Yurek from Southwestern Ontario, is the new Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry. Mr. Yurek will join Angelo to talk about his passion for the outdoors, and his “to do” list as Minister. Keith Beasley from Canada in the Rough, Canada’s best T.V. hunting adventure program, will join Angelo. Keith finished his spring filming for the 2019 T.V. series and took a fishing trip with Fish’n [...]