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  • The Outdoor Journal - June 22 2013

  • The big Canada Day weekend is coming up so today we're going to get you ready as can be for the holiday! Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion will be joining us today along with Ministry of Tourism’s Jack Lynch. We’ll then go east of Lake Superior to the lovely Windy Lake Lodge on Callahan Lake with Rick Wohlfahrt. One of our last stops will be with Bob Elliott, the Park Superintendent at Lake Sup[...]
  • The Outdoor Journal - June 15 2013

  • It’s Father’s Day weekend and that’s the theme of our show today! We’ll be talking to the "Happy Camper" Kevin Callan, author of 15 books, outdoorsman, expert wilderness camper and canoeist. Steve Herrero is back on the show to talk about black bears and how to recognize a dangerous one. We have editor in chief, Patrick Walsh, of Outdoor Canada Magazine to discuss a big fundraiser organized by f[...]
  • How To 'Podcast' the Outdoor Journal Radio Show

  • A few listeners have taken the time to ask about how to receive a podcast, or what a podcast is. A podcast is just an audio (or video) file, often a familiar MP3 which you may have seen in your music library on your computer. We store these MP3 files on our server, and publish it. Software on your end subscribes to what's called a feed, so when we publish something new, your software will downl[...]
  • The Outdoor Journal - June 8 2013

  • While the rain seems to be sticking around, the heat is on the rise. Stuck inside? Well, have we got a show for you! We have Cycle Ontario’s Doug Cota joining us to promote health, fitness, and the fun aspects of cycling. Chris Parent from North South Environmental will join us with exciting stories and facts on the Massasauga Rattlesnake. David Neitzel, Senior Epidemiologist is here to raise aw[...]
  • The Outdoor Journal - June 1 2013

  • It looks like the weather is heating up again with a lot of rain in the forecast, but we have an exciting show lined up to get rid of those rainy day blues! John Winters has returned from his travels in Europe and you can bet that he has lots of great stories. We also have Dr. Anatoli Freiman, from the Toronto Dermatology Centre, to talk about skin cancer prevention and treatments. Next is MNR F[...]