The Outdoor Journal – April 11 2015


We are back for another amazing show! On this weeks show we have Carly Hysell from Garmin and she will be talking to us about the latest in Marine technology. Our good friend Jim Grayston from Ontario Tourism will join us and we’ll talk about his efforts to promote the North for fishing, hunting, canoe and kayak adventures. Dr. Bruce Tufts from Queen’s U will be joining us, Bruce is a fisheries scientist, teacher, avid bass fisherman, and tournament fisher too! We want to find out about his bass research, what happens to bass when the ice comes early and leaves late and how does this affect growth rates and mortality. We are going to talk Golf with Retired General of the Canadian Forces, another good friend Rick Hillier. That and so Much more!


Stearns wants you to play it safe with O.P.P. Staff Sgt. Brad Schlorff

Coleman takes us camping in Algonquin with ex-Superintendant John Winters.

Go Wild with Black Angus Fine Meats and Game

Go Fish In with Jim Grayston

Aaron Newnham tells us what’s HOT at SAIL the Outdoors Superstore

Gord Pyzer on Outdoor Canada Magazine
General Rick Hillier Golf Classic