The Outdoor Journal – February 1 2014



This week Angelo is in Vegas and it’s also Super Bowl Sunday! Guests on this week’s program include Aquatic Research Lab’s Roger Greil, Louis Rene Senechal of the National Capital Commission and Samantha Simpkin from Fish Bay Marina. So you better keep listening!



Stearns wants you to play it safe with O.P.P. Staff Sgt. Brad Schlorff
Coleman takes us camping in Algonquin with ex-Superintendant John Winters.
Go Wild with Black Angus Fine Meats and Game
Go Fish In brings you 
Fish Bay Marina
Aaron Newnham tells us what’s HOT at SAIL the Outdoors Superstore
Gord Pyzer on Outdoor Canada Magazine
Protect yourself against Lyme Disease infected deer ticks by using Muskol containing DEET!



  1. by Gordon Victory on February 5, 2014  1:57 pm Reply

    Great show again!! This Atlantic Salmon stuff is very intriguing. Thanks for having Mr. Greil on, I owe him a big thanks because I take full advantage of his stocking efforts up in the Soo.

    I think John and Louis from the Credit river anglers association would make a great interview about the atlantic salmon stocking. They know more than anybody about the Credit river and were involved hands on in the program. Only problem may be that the MNR have put gags on them and they may not be able to tell you all they know, though I'm sure they want to spill the beans if they could.

    Keep up the good work.
    Regards from a fan,

  2. by Mark Williams on February 5, 2014  4:58 pm Reply

    Hey Angelo,
    The Atlantic Salmon stocking is for sure an interesting somewhat controversial situation, it has been interesting listening to all the guests and their views on what is going on. I was glad to hear the Don Cherry of fishing, Choronzey say his piece. This past show you went into great detail on why the OFAH declined to comment/interview on the topic. I felt you threw them under the bus, they too have to be somewhat politically correct because of all the other programs and initiative's they are involved with the MNR trying to better Fishing and Hunting in Ontario. A simple "OFAH declined commenting" would have sufficed. Instead you detailed fully on how they wanted the interview to be conducted and to review questions asked etc. You really cant blame them.
    Keep up the good work, wouldn't miss my Sat morning with a pot of coffee and your show.

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