The Outdoor Journal – January 03 2015


This is our first show in 2015 so HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. On this weeks show we have Dr. Andrew Pipe he is joining us to talk to us about the banned substances…performance enhancing drugs…used by athletes, and he has been the Team Canada physician at 8 Olympic Games. We’re going ice fishing….on Lake Nipissing…right at the mouth of the South River.. Steve Richards from South River Resort will join us to talk about fully serviced ice huts…sleeping right over top of the fish. Dr. Reinhold Vieth—University of Toronto and the Vitamin D Society will tell us that very few Canadians get enough Vitamin D in the winter and it plays havoc with our health…



Stearns wants you to play it safe with O.P.P. Staff Sgt. Brad Schlorff

Coleman takes us camping in Algonquin with ex-Superintendant John Winters.

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Go Fish In with South River Resort

Aaron Newnham tells us what’s HOT at SAIL the Outdoors Superstore

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