The Outdoor Journal – July 04 2015


What does a modern treaty look like? After looking at the Agreement in Principle for the Algonquin Land Claim, the chapter on hunting and fishing looks a lot like something from 100 years ago! This week on the Outdoor Journal, Phil Morlock from the Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association will offer his opinion. How long will the advisors on this land claim, stick with the process. We’ll find out! If your dog is bitten by an infected tick or mosquito, what happens? Dr. Marie Holowaychuk our pet vet thinks that costly vet bills can be avoided, if you take the right steps to protect your pooch! Mikey and the Reelers are back…this Ontario band is making good music…and they might be headed to Hollywood, to make a
movie. Are Angelo and Pete being considered for a part in the production? We’ll find out.


Stearns wants you to play it safe with O.P.P. Staff Sgt. Brad Schlorff

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Go Fish In with Chaudiere Lodge

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Gord Pyzer on Outdoor Canada Magazine

Resource Management Technician MNRF  – Wil Wegman

Mike Cochrane from Mikey and the Reelers

Dr. Marie Holowaychuk –  Critical Care Vet