The Outdoor Journal – November 01 2014


Its the Halloween ODJRADIO Take over. On this weeks show we have
Erica Willick Joining us from Sisters in Shape, she will tell us her thoughts on the boot camp fad…and will offer some other mild alternatives for exercise in the outdoors. Don Kleiner Executive Director of Maine Professional Guides
Association will be on the phone with us to talk about a nasty fight over a legal…regulated…sport hunt for black bears….in Maine. Jack Summers from Radio World will be talking to us about his first Moose Hunt. That and so much

Stearns wants you to play it safe with O.P.P. Staff Sgt. Brad Schlorff

Coleman takes us camping in Algonquin with ex-Superintendant John Winters.

Go Wild with Black Angus Fine Meats and Game

Go Fish In with Mountain View Camp Blind River

Aaron Newnham tells us what’s HOT at SAIL the Outdoors Superstore

Gord Pyzer on Outdoor Canada Magazine