The Outdoor Journal – November 14 2015


Dr. Arne Mooers from Simon Fraser University, thinks that we can save some of the 521 species at
risk in Canada. But we can’t save them all. The question is…how do we choose and who makes the

How long before the flying Silver Carp, reach Lake Michigan. They moved 66 miles closer in the
past year. Dr. Nick Mandrak will offer his views on whether their entry into the Great Lakes is
inevitable, and what will be the impact on native fish stocks.

We’re going fishing with Lewis Scheid at Paquette’s Camp near Chapleau. Walleye and Northern
Pike fishing is outstanding. Next spring when the bear hunt resumes, you can combine a spring
hunting and fishing trip.

Cory Johnson from Peterborough, was a big winner on the Rayovac fishing series in the U.S. How
tough is the U.S. tournament circuit? Cory will fill in the details.


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